Self-Defense & Awareness Videos

This series of protection videos will teach you how to counter an attack and protect yourself.
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Protect Yourself

Home invasion, robbery, and public attacks are a growing threat in today's world.
That is why Royal Consulting Solutions LLC now offers a comprehensive series of defense tactics, self-awareness, and preparation videos. Our educational series is designed to help you build confidence, discipline, and awareness while preparing you for a harmful situation.

Build Confidence & Discipline

Knowing that you have the ability to defend yourself gives you the confidence and freedom to fully explore the world, meet new people and find new ways to engage with others.

"The only discipline that lasts, is self-discipline."
~ Bum Phillips
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Improve Your Awareness

Personal safety classes make you aware of your surroundings. They help you to maintain awareness at all times. If there comes a time when you need it you will be ready. You may be shocked for a moment, but these classes are designed to provide you with the necessary reactions to protect yourself.

Enhance Your Life

Taking personal safety classes can boost your spirits and help you gain confidence to be a better version of yourself.
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Build your confidence.
Build your awareness.
Enhance your life.
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