Rapid Construction Building 101
The most import parts of designing, planning, and constructing a building efficiently while saving money
Anthony amankwa

Anthony has 25+ years of hands on experience in the construction industry.

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  1. 12pm Central
  2. Backup date 8/29/2020



Royal Consulting Solutions webinar

Join us for our very first group construction and consultation webinar Saturday August, 8 2020 for and in-depth exploration of the building process in Africa.

This webinar will cover:

  • Building in Ghana - Topics include what to expect when building in Ghana, the process and order to build, land acquisition, permitting process, hiring reputable companies to build, the good, the bad, and ugly to building remotely, building best practices, to ship, or to buy in Ghana.
  • Relocation to Ghana - Topics include discussing how to plan properly for a successful move, cost of living, pros, and cons when compared to a more developed country, what to expect when you move, desirable places to live depending on your living requirements/income, what not to do, or assume when you move.
  • Starting a business in Ghana - Topics include marketable areas to start a business, profit margin, industries with the highest return on investment, cost to start a business, setting business expectations, business practices, cultural differences/mindset.
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